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Management of a wealth portfolio over the bullish and bearish phases of the stock market is complex. An important responsibility in managing a portfolio is to follow the current economic situation and assess the near-term outlook for the economy and the stock market. One objective is to foresee the reversals in the stock market between bear and bull phases. This is a very difficult, and time consuming undertaking.

The Forecasting Advisor can provide individual investors, financial planners, portfolio managers, businesses and government economists and financial institutions with unique, insightful and valuable information on the likelihood of a reversal in the stock market cycle (from a bull to a bear phase and vice versa) in the United States, the business cycle (from a recession to an expansion phase and vice versa) in the United States, and the business cycle in Canada.

The Forecasting Advisor has prepared three detailed research notes on predicting reversals to bear and bull stock markets in the Unites States and reversals to recession and expansion phases in the United States and Canada. The notes describe the stock market and business cycle models and provide a review of their predictive performance over the past fifty years.

The Forecasting Advisor also offers annual forecasts of Canadian gross domestic product and employment by industry.

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*As of January 2018