Robert Lamy The Forecasting Advisor was founded in January 2013 by Robert Lamy. As an economist with a master’s degree with a specialization in econometrics, he worked over the past three decades for Canadian federal departments, namely Finance Canada for about twenty years. During that period, he honed his abilities to monitor and forecast the Canadian and U.S. economies. In particular, he developed leading economic indexes and probability models to predict turning points in the business cycle. See Robert Lamy's Publications and Conferences.

Mr. Robert Lamy successively worked at Statistics Canada, Finance Canada, Industry Canada, and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. His research has been presented at national (for example, Canadian Economic Association and La Société canadienne de science économique) and international conferences (International Symposium on Forecasting) and published as working papers and internal documents. He co-authored a study with Pierre Cholette ‘Multivariate ARIMA forecasting of irregular time series’, which was published in the International Journal of Forecasting.

Mr. Robert Lamy received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Montreal.